- White Rock -

Super Monster X Rectify

$125 per dose


- Super Monster -

Monster 52-4 x Super 7

What has this boar not accomplished?! He is truly the definition of a “Living Legend”!!! Super Monster has taken the nation by storm with his magnificent run of Major winners. Champions at San Antonio, National Western Stock Show, NAILE, Fort Worth, American Royal, and Oklahoma Youth Expo speak for themselves! This guy has done it all! On top of that we are starting to see him on the bottom side of many winning pedigrees as his females have been equally as impressive. Super Monster will put style and balance in your showpigs with tons of shape. The phone’s have been ringing off the hook of continous reports of winners. Super Monster is re-writing the history books......do not be left out !

$200 per dose - Stress Negative




- Hard Up -

Triple Crown x (Super Monster x Alias 602)

- Johnny Monster -

Super Monster X (High Standard x Slam Dunk)

$150 per dose


- Billy Swag-

Swagger X (Chrome Wheels x Priceless x Fatal) $25,000 gilt

- Legendary Split -

I Am Legend x Lickety Split

From a pedigree loaded with champions, this crossbred boar offers freakish top and ham muscle and a perfect look for show barrows. His dam is a littermate to the ‘08 Hi Point Barrow in Indiana and his maternal granddam raised the ‘07 Georgia National Grand Champion. Has sired the Reserve Grand Champion Barrow at the Ohio State Fair Open Show.

$75 per dose - Stress Carrier


- Triple Crown -

Warfare x Space Monkey

We knew we had to own this Warfare son the minute we saw him at Mike Fischer’s house. He possesses the same great bone and skeletal design as his daddy, but he is taller at the point of the shoulder, better looking, and more flexible than his sire. Mike calls him the best pig that he has ever produced. Be sure to book early and often on this great young sire!

$200 per dose - Stress Carrier






- Missing Link -

Stop Me x (Priceless x Priceless)


- Gilligan -

Priceless x Unbelievable x Super 7

Gilligan is one that puts some special pieces together starting with the bottom side of his pedigree. His Dam was purchased from Rick Whitman in his 2009 online sale for $3700. With Priceless on the top side, this combination of his pedigree equals a heavy boned, square made & sound painted-up blue boar with a tremendous pedigree. He was a late season boar only used on a few sows and had several county fair grand champions and multiple division champions. Take this boar to a little muscle he’ll add bone, middle, and look. Truly a boar for the future - book early.

$150 Per dose - Stress Negative


- A-Game -

Super Monster X Priceless

A-Game is a young boar that is making a major splash. We believe he is without a doubt the best Super Monster son alive. This boar is the next step in the monster line. A-Game is wider chested and bigger ribbed than his sire, but has the same look, hip, and set to his hocks as Super Monster does. Mention A-Game in the Southwest and the breeders eyes light up. As his first crop was hitting the ground we were getting numerous phone calls on how impressive these baby pigs were. His first pigs will be headed to the Fall Classic and we are very excited to see them. He will down size your sows, and make them stout and moderate. This guy is a farm favorite so get on the books now.

$150 per dose - Stress Negative


- Special Situation -

Warfare x (Sportage x Vintage)

We bought this boar from Edwards Genetics. He is taller shouldered and has more flexibility than his sire. He has huge bone and I pomise you that this boar will not disappoint with all of the muscle that he carriers. Special Situation will no doubt be on your short list so book early.

$150 Per dose - Stress Carrier


- Strikes Back-

A-Game x Hillbilly Bone(Dam of Strikes Again)

- Strikes Again -

Super Monster x (Hillbilly Bone x Sound System x Hillbilly Bone’s Grandmother)

When we first heard about this boar and then saw the video. We knew we had to head to AJ Genters’ to look at him. When we saw him in the flesh we decided we had to own this boar. This guy is massive and any angle you look at him, with that show ring look and power. He is really up headed and huge topped with a ton of mass when you get behind him. When this guy gets on the move we knew that Cutting Edge Show Sires “Strikes Again”.

$150 per dose - Stress Negative


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